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Our Story

Jesus Connecting the Dots (JCD) is a non-profit organization with a heart for making a positive impact in the Philippines. Our journey began in 2018 when the Cogdill family, consisting of Cary and Cherryl, along with their daughters Hailey, Ceejay, Olivia, Grace, and Maiah, embarked on a mission to change lives and connect the dots of hope for those in need.


The Cogdills started their mission in the Philippines, living on the Island of Mindoro. During their time there, they developed a deep appreciation for the Philippines and its people. They learned about the indigenous people of Mindoro, known as the Mangyan, who were living in extreme poverty with limited access to education, clothing, and basic necessities. Families were struggling to find enough food and water daily, and the Cogdill family felt compelled to make a difference.

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Our Mission

At Jesus Connecting the Dots, our mission is to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need, with a particular focus on the Philippines. We're committed to connecting the dots of hope, support, and resources for communities facing economic hardships. Our initiatives include providing clothing, school supplies, and sustenance through our feeding program. Our work serves as a testament to Christs values, introducing individuals and communities to the transformative message of faith and hope found in Jesus Christ.

Our Timeline


Started sending clothing and school supplies: We began our journey by sending clothing and school supplies to individuals in need and partnered with local churches for distribution.


Continued support: We continued sending clothes and school supplies to individuals and churches.

Assisted with lost and found resources: We were granted access to the lost and found at Kanakuk Kamps, enabling us to send even more clothes to the Philippines.

Funded church construction: We provided financial assistance for the construction of a new church in Baguio City, Northern Philippines.


Sustained support: Throughout the year, we continued sending clothing and school supplies to four different churches on two different islands.

Land search: We began searching for land with the intention of establishing a homestead and initiating a feeding program to feed the locals and create job opportunities.


Ongoing support: We continued our mission by sending clothing and school supplies to our church partners.

Feeding program: We partnered with local churches to start a feeding program, ensuring that as many locals as possible had access to food and support.

Land acquisition: In February, we purchased 12.5 acres of land on the Island of Mindoro, a few miles northwest of Mansalay. We initiated land clearing and planning for building sites.


Infrastructure development: We cleared property lines, installed fencing, and dug a deep well to provide a safe water source for nearby families.

Electricity access: We began the process of bringing electricity to the property by installing power poles and clearing for power lines.


Home construction: Our goal was to complete the construction of the home on the property and have a local family move onto the land.

Piggery development: We continue working on the development of the Piggery location.

501c3 Formation: We officially formed a 501c3 non-profit organization, Jesus Connecting the Dots (JCD).

Rice field acquisition: We purchased a piece of property with an established rice field, which will be used for the feeding program.

Preparing for future projects: We are preparing the land for a chicken barn and laying hens.

Hiring employees: Our next step involves hiring employees to manage and work the rice fields.

Secondary housing: We plan to start working on secondary housing on the property and receiving a shipping container at the local port.

Land acquisition: In June, we purchased 5 acres of land on the Island of Mindoro, a few miles southwest of Mansalay. The land is close to many Mangyan communities.

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Join Us in Spreading Hope!

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